Alopecia is a condition which causes partial or complete hair loss and can be temporary or permanent. No one really knows the cause of Alopecia, but one thing we know for sure is that many of those who suffer with this condition lack confidence and self esteem.

Joe Read who suffered with 60% Alopecia came to see Andrew Stassi of Smudge-Free when he discovered the Smudge-Free website by chance while browsing the internet for Alopecia remedies.

Male Pattern Baldness

Joe came to see Andrew for a consultation and decided to start treatment there and then since he came to London to see him all the way from Wales. After seven hours, over a two-day period, Joe, left the Smudge-Free clinic with a very convincing full head of shaved hair. Joe was so delighted with the results and claimed that for the first time in 20 years he no longer feels the need to cover his head with a cap. This treatment is also very successfully carried out by Andrew Stassi on clients who suffer with male pattern baldness. Contact Us

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